Feathered Friends - Show Me A Photo Contest Round 86 - My Entry

Hello all Hive friends,

@nelinoeva initiative a contest - Show Me A Photo Contest for Feathered Friend community.
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This is my entry for the same and the theme is HIGH FLYERS....

My entry...

In last participation shared the pic of flamingoes and again I am sharing a pic of flamingoes flying in a group. The view was amazing as it was looks like a wave in sea. The first bird in first position took the flight and then the row just behind them come into action. I shooted video also but unfortunately the video is not available on phone.

Hope you will like the entry.

This account belongs to my kid. She is just 5 year old and as she does not know writing so my wife (@mk992039) and me (@guurry123) are managing the account for now. We will handover the account to her when the time comes.

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