Show Me A Photo Contest Round 16 - Do Not Disturb (We're Busy)

Hello fellow feathered friends in the community. Here I am again with another entry to this awesome contest - The Show Me A Photo Contest. This week is Round 16 and it is still not too late to join. Learn more about this. Just click on this link here and I am sure you will not wait for the next round to join. This contest is hosted by the charming @nelinoeva and sponsored by the Feathered Friends Community and the indefatigable @melinda010100. Our judge, who by now must be swamped with so many beautiful entries, is the hardworking @oks2crypto. Great work all of you!

This week's theme is Busy Bird

I've been trying to hunt for busy birds for the past 5 days but with no success. In desperation, I went through my archives to check if I could use anything that will meet this week's theme. And lo. And behold. I found these old photos of a lady I saw feeding pigeons along the sidewalk.


She had a pack of biscuits in her hand and was feeding a few pigeons that were walking along the sidewalk, apparently in search for food. Suddenly, from out of nowhere, a whole flock swooped in and began jostling and maneuvering for position to snap up the bits of biscuits thrown their way. In no time, the biscuits were all gone and she had to go back inside her car to get another one, and another one, and yet another one as the number of pigeons continued to grow.


I took a video as well and am attaching it here.

Boy, these birds just cannot be disturbed while they are busy feeding.

That's it for this post. Hope you enjoyed it. My well wishes to all the participants. Good luck to you all. Until the next round, we will see what our host will think of next. I'm so excited!

Keep safe everyone. And may you all have a wonderful weekend ahead.

(All photos are mine.)

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