Round 49 - birds preening


It turned out to be a daunting task for me to photograph preening birds. I haven't met one this week. In general, I have seen few birds lately. Apparently, the birds don't like the cloudy December weather either.

Had to check in the archive. But even in the archive there were few photographs of birds cleaning themselves. I try to photograph birds so that my eyes are visible. And when the birds are preening, it's hard to catch the eye. Attention should be paid to the future. Birds cleaning feathers should also be photographed.

In the photo on the screensaver, three ducks are preening at once. Apparently, they want to look beautiful in front of the turtle. But the turtle does not pay attention to the ducks in its thoughts. But how hard they try.

And here one duck is preening. Which is on the right.

And here is such a miracle. Somewhere a bird has gotten wet and is now preening. Brings himself up. I don’t even remember what kind of bird it was. In terms of size, it is most likely a jackdaw.


This is a young marsh hen.

At first glance, this photo and the previous one are similar, but in fact they are completely different pictures. Here, the swamp hen's legs are more stable on a log.

Today I have a modest collection of birds. Now I will take into account that the lens needs to catch not only bird's eyes and beaks.

The post was prepared as part of the competition @nelinoeva.

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