Lazorevka - a beautiful bird in a blue cap


The Blue Tit is a small tit. A characteristic feature of the appearance of this bird corresponds to its name. A blue cap on the head and blue stripes from the eyes to the back of the head. Beautiful bird with blue and yellow plumage. I always notice her among other tits. It is believed that this bird is not afraid of people and close to him lets. Perhaps this is true when a person does not try to photograph her. It’s always difficult for me to photograph blue tit. For the most part, these birds fly away as soon as I pay attention to them and aim the lens. But sometimes it is possible to capture these beauties.


To my delight, the bird was so carried away that it did not immediately notice me. This photo clearly shows the distinguishing feature of the blue tit from the color of the plumage of other tits. Look at the beautiful hat she has on her head.


Look at the look of the blue tit bird here. Look full of kindness and positive. It makes me want to pet this bird.


The bird is doing its job. She is clearly not up to me.


Listens to lens sounds. But for now, the focus is on the other side.


Pay attention to the proportions of blue tit. Nature rewarded this bird with a harmonious combination of not only the color of plumage, but also the shape of the body. Such a convex abdomen and a miniature head create the appearance of a toy image of a bird. This further enhances her beauty.


Here is the last moment and the bird flies away. But I managed to admire its beauty and take a picture for memory.

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