Jackdaws on a colorful background of dandelions


We now have a real flower kingdom of dandelions. And it's so beautiful against the backdrop of bright green grass. And even more beautiful when the birds are against the background of such magnificence of colors.


And here are the birds on the stone. It is as if the jackdaws are specially placed on a slight elevation against the backdrop of the luxury of dandelions in the grass.


Please note that one jackdaw has dark brown wings in plumage, and the other with a blue-violet tint. The same birds, but with different plumage. Although due to the fact that the plumage is dark, the differences are imperceptible if you look from afar.


The jackdaws saw me and both flew away. But I only took a photo of one bird. Another jackdaw managed to fly away. How graceful the bird looks in low flight.


I already wanted to leave this place, when suddenly she decided to please me again with her appearance against the backdrop of bright yellow dandelions.


It seems that the jackdaw flew up onto a stone on purpose to admire the dandelions with me.


How attentively the jackdaw looks at the flowers, such an impression is created in the photograph. In fact, she was spinning, and I was just catching moments to shoot a bird.


Today, this is how the post with photos of natural beauty turned out. Jackdaws on a floral background.

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