Ospreys Nesting

I was able to get out to one of my favorite salt marsh hotspots recently. It was still a little too early in the season for many songbirds to have arrived but I stumbled across some nesting Osprey which are always nice to see. I thought I'd share.


Although the Osprey is a global species it was near Long Island that their breeding population density was one of the highest in the world according to historical documentation (before widespread DDT pesticide use in the United States). After the banning of DDT, Osprey and Bald Eagle populations are rebounding. They are a common sight once again over Long Island, New York.


They construct large stick nests up in trees and platforms. This is the first time I've seen Ospreys use a natural tree at this site; they usually use the constructed platform further down the beach but it was already occupied by another nesting pair!


Good birding!
All photos by funferall.