My new bird feeder and an Eurasian Jay

Las weekend I paid a visit to our local garden center to buy some new plants for my garden.
Apart from plants the garden center also has a department for pets and garden animals like squirrels, hedgehogs and of course... birds.

Since I like birds in my garden I'm placing bird food in my backyard so I can attract them. I already had a bird feeder for bird seeds, but in the garden center I spotted a feeder for peanuts. Peanuts will attract other birds; mostly bigger ones.

A couple hours after hanging my new bird feeder in a tree in my backyard there was already an Eurasian Jay checking it out.

I really wonder how birds spot it when you place new food since it only took a couple of hours for them to spot it. Normally I never see these beautiful Jays in my backyard.


Eurasian Jays

The Eurasian Jay is quite a common bird that lives in a large part of Europe, but they can also be find all the way east in Japan and in south-east Asia and in a small part of Northern Africa.
The birds have a nice brown colour but have some distinctive blue feathers on their wings.
They make quite a lot of noise since they have a screeching call. Especially when they spot any danger.


Jays are quite shy, but when when there is food, they will come to urban areas. Since the bird feeder is hanging quite close to my backdoor I was able to shoot some nice closeups of them.
I've been using my Canon M50 with a 70-200mm zoom lens for these shots.




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