Peering Into Their Souls | Bird Eyes | SMAP Contest Round 36

This is my first entry into a contest in this community. I love eyes, and I mainly sketch eyes. And last week I had the opportunity to take some close-up photographs of I think geese? Someone might be able to help me. These old ladies (I think they are ladies!) are on my walking route. I walk or jog past them almost every day. They are so friendly and walked up to the camera, even too close for me to take images! But I managed to snap some photographs just before they came too close. And then yesterday I saw the contest. So today I enter the contest with the following photograph. I think this one is the best of the bunch and her eye is so pretty. It almost felt like they stared into my soul. Or that I could stare into their souls. The eye is such a fascinating organ.

Entry to SMAP Round 36


The Other Close-ups

Herewith are just some of the other images. These birds are really interesing. They walk so slow and they just seem friendly. They maybe just wanted a snack. I am not sure if people feed them. It is not a park where people get too often. It is on the side of a vineyard.











Full Body Portraits

Herewith are just some images of their whole bodies. Here you can see how clumsy and stout they look! They are the cutest.





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