A Visit From a Friend Leading Me Towards a Wild Goose Chase

I just got out of the compost heap, dirt clinging to me, smelling not very nice, when I look up and in the garage, a familiar friend is hopping around seeking bugs or spiders. The Cape robin-chat (Cossypha caffra) that has been following me around in the garden somehow managed to enter the garage and look for food. I ran upstairs to find my camera. I walked dirt into the house, but I managed to find my camera and ran downstairs. I tried to find it in the garage, but he since left. I looked to the left and it sat on my raised beds, eating some of the worms it found. I began to walk behind him for 30 minutes. This is the journey in photographs as I made a wild goose chase behind this little friend.


I share with you a couple of good shots at first, which I call "The Shots". I then share with you two more artistic-looking shots. Lastly, I share with you the bulk of my wild goose chase. In the end, I got some nice shots. Maybe the wild goose chase was not so useless after all.

The Shots


For some reason, this little friend allows me to basically walk next to it. I am able to set my lens on macro (which I can never do with animals as they are always far away). But with this little friend, I can take some extreme close-ups.


I managed to get so close that I could see a small bug on my friend's head! Shame, it might have been a snack he missed out on.


The Artistic Shots


Imagine yourself, a kid again. In the forrest, a single ray of sunlight shines through the thicket.

There he stands.

The golden bird you have been seeking all your life. In the shadows, and then illuminated!

The moment you have been waiting for.

And that is how this image makes me feel. It feels like an adventure, but it is also very artistic I think. The feeling of the photograph leads me to think that it was set up like this, almost like a stage with the backlighting, the little bird prop there. Before I get carried away, let me stop! This is after all a photography piece.


The Attempts






Between the bricks, it found something. He stayed there for something like 5 minutes. I have no idea what he got there. But maybe it was a snack of some sort, or he tried to hide from something. I have no idea.










This was a fun journey or adventure. This is truly a stunning and majestic little bird friend. Since a couple of months ago, we have become friends. Every time I water the garden, he shows up as if out of nowhere. Maybe he sits on the wall every day waiting for me. Shame, hopefully, he likes my singing and talking, as a try to comfort him when I take photographs. It almost feels like he wants to sit on my shoulder. Maybe one day.

All of the photographs were taken with my Nikon D300 and Tamron zoom lens. The musings are of my own, albeit influenced by my little friend here and my meanderings in the garden. I hope you enjoyed this little urban adventure I had with my friend. What a stunning bird right! Let us hope that he brings his family to my garden enclave between all of the cement buildings.

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