YUCK***#SMaP Show Me A Photo Contest Round 90!

Hello, #birdwatchers from all over the globe. Here we go again with another #SMaP challenge. It's a great number 90, looking forward to 100.

#featheredfriends is a fun community with lots of folks that are warm and friendly. I have been with this community for years now and so appreciate all the support and great conversion. Blessings to all!

I wanted to preface this post with an upbeat message because the birds I am going to feature are ugly birds that love roadkill.

While I was back in New Jersey for my hubby's knee surgery, I was jolted by these big black birds with ugly faces on the road. They were having lunch on a dead fox. We call it roadkill. It's very common in NJ. to see this kind of thing.

Turkey Vultures




The turkey vulture is a large bird with black and brownish feathers, it has a short, hooked ivory colored beak. These birds are scavengers, they generally don't kill their prey, that's why roadkill makes the perfect meal.


I read that these #freatheredfriends have the largest olfactory system of all birds.


This foul use their extraordinary sense of smell to detect dead animals as they begin the decaying process.


They will eat rodents, birds, insects, small mammals and some vegetation, but they are considered carnivores.


In some ways I consider these big, ugly birds part of the road crew, with so many hanging out, waiting their turn to lunch I think the mess on the roadside should be cleaned up in no time.

That's all folks!

Thank you #feartherdedfriends community and the team, @nelinoeva, @melinda010100, @barbara-orenya for their support and talents as well as a big shout out to @chromiumone for the generous donation.

Enjoy #nature, even when it's a little messy!

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