For many years now, our farm has been a symbol of a simpler lifestyle. A place where my family and friends could just be themselves, feel free and enjoy nature. The general store was the only place in town that you could buy the things you needed. They had everything, from your basics, milk, bread and eggs to nuts and bolts, gas and candles. We frequented it often, sometimes just to take the kids for ice cream cones. We knew the owners on a first name basis, Tom and Mary were the real McCoys when it came to personal service. If they didn't have what you needed, they would go get it, no extra charge.

Wonderful folks

Since my husband was a teacher and had summers off, we would pack up our children and head to the farm for the entire summer. Needless to say, Tom and Mary would always welcome us back, with big smiles and a "how yawl doing"?

Always on our first visit of the summer season, we would catch up on what was happening in our little hamlet in the mountains of Upstate New York. Mary loved to chat, heck there were times I'd run in for some farm fresh eggs, then end up being there an hour talking with my friend Mary. Her son was a budding writer at the time and had a book published, just a short paperback on the History and folklore of our town. I don't remember the publisher's name, but it was just a local, small company. But Mary was so proud of him, I enjoyed her enthusiasm. I purchased several copies just to encourage this young talent. Too bad I can't find a copy now, but I know it's somewhere, it was too interesting to throw out. It had lots of facts about our town plus some mystery that surrounded both the old timers that founded this place as well as family names in the cemetery.

Cool stuff

The reason I mention the General store.

On Mother's Day 2008, I received a beautiful gift from my oldest son, Bobby.
He had been to a craft fair in North Jersey and had bought this unbelievably elaborate BIRDHOUSE.
It truly is a work of art , a show of patience, imagination and attention to detail.


This is our general store. Unfortunately, covid 19 forced our beloved store to close. It was a sad day for all of us country folk.


Back to our beautiful birdhouse.

Each side of this creation has it's own story.


The front door welcomes our #featheredfriends, who stop in to buy their postage stamps for the letters they are sending to their relatives in the south.


Did you know, birds love a cold drink on a hot summer day? They do. A homemade Cream soda always hits the spot.


Fresh Lemonade? Order 2 please, a cute pair of robins just flew in.


This adorable birdhouse captured what general stores were like in the olden days. This bike says it all. The use of a Philipps head screw made the perfect door knob, don't you think?


When was the last time you got something for free? It's free but you pay the shipping and handling, that will be $72.99 please.

Nope, not when times were simpler, if you bought your groceries at this general store there was no charge for delivery.
Drop off your dirty clothes, they would be clean and air dried by the end of the day.


So there you have it my #birdwatching pals. The most elaborate and detailed BIRDHOUSE I have ever seen. It's a cherished gift that I see each morning hanging on my front porch.


I must mention our generous contributor @melinda010100, you are the best. For all your hard work and attention to detail @nelinoeva, thanks for keeping this wonderful, fun filled contest moving.
Good luck and a big high five to our judge @oks2crypto.

Thank you one and all!

Let nature amaze you.

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