Show Me A Photo (#SMaP) - Round 119

While visiting a local nature reserve we saw a couple of great crested grebes making a nest. They usually build their nest on the actual water like a floating home, although I don't think it looked very homely.

In the UK, years ago, the birds used to be hunted for their head feathers so people could decorate their hats. This nearly wiped the birds out. SourceThankfully, this is not done any more. They are lovely looking birds and feathers definitely look better on them!

I couldn't see any eggs, but they will take about a month to hatch once laid.

The first photo is my entry. Thank you to @nelieova for this week's 'Show me a Picture of Bird/s (#SMaP) - free theme' round 119 and @melinda010100,
@barbara-orenya and the rest of the #featheredfriends team.

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