Bums - Show Me A Photo Contest Round 73

Hello everyone, hope you are having fun with this week's topic. Well done to @nelinoeva for her creativity.
I decided to join the contest as well, so I looked for suitable photos in my archives. And here it is what I've found - goose bums. I don't know what this pose means, but I would say he has enviable flexibility. Maybe he's secretly watching the turtle, or he's keeping his head out of the sun ... who knows


On the other hand his behavior might be related to other ducks floating around. One of them was posing with her white bum infront of the camera and deservedly gets a place in my post today.


Unfortunatelly I am not able to recognize the gender, but it would be interesting If I could. This would give me a clearer idea of ​​the world of birds and their attitude.
Thank you for stopping by :)

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