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Featuring Feathered Friends In Today's

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Hello my Friends.. Have a great day

Welcome to the bird house.

Today we want to share a story about the friendship of birds and humans such as this dove which is a prima Donna of its proximity to humans. Today we feed it directly in the front yard of the house, when we are taking a bird's food of both grain and corn or rice, the dove comes to it, as if it knew it was time to eat.

All the doves here are used to coexistence with humans, so it should come as no surprise to us that we see pigeons flying freely in front of the house and even come looking for food in the homes that feed them. Here many varieties of pigeons are kept from post pigeons, mosha doves and several other pigeons. We are very happy to see such circumstances as these because all living things coexist together and complement each other in every activity.

Thank you feathered friend lovers for supporting this community. Thanks to @melinda010100 @birdwatcher @ecency and @featheredfriend


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