Our feathered seabird friends.


Today has been my day off work, and I promised my girlfriend that I would take her to RSPB Bempton Cliff in East Yorkshire, the drive isn't too bad up there, and you do get to go through some lovely scenery on the way.
We got to Bempton just in time as I think we got the last parking spot in the car park, it was quite busy, but I was raring to go and find some puffins.


We had a coffee and popped on my Sigma 150-600mm lens, it's a Canon fit lens, but I use the Sigma MC-11 adaptor so I can use it on the Sony A7iii, it's not the fastest focussing lens, at least with the adaptor, but I am tempted to sell it and buy the specific Sony mount to see if it's any quicker.


We walked down to the main viewing platforms, I was really suprised just how many birds were there, thousands, and you could tell by the smell lol.
The puffins were few and far between in viewable areas, although we did manage to see some and I got a couple of shots, they were far from my best, but at least I'd got them.


The one on the shot above was the closest and I've had to crop the shot to get a good view on the Puffin.

I call the above image "stand out from the crowd", one lone puffin among a colony of other sea birds.


The birds that stole the show for me was the Gannets, I loved the colours and seeing them glide over the ocean breeze, was fantastic, some flying in formation and pretty close to us as well.




I had a great few hours there, £6.00 to get in so not too expensive and free parking too. I've told my girlfriend we will have to go next year earlier in the season where we can get better views of the puffins, I had a friend go and he got some magnificent shots of them, so I'm a bit jealous for now lol.


We even got a sun halo too :-)

We were contemplating going in to Bridlington for dinner, but decided just to have it at the RSPB, we headed home and just timed it right as we got on the final approach, we hit a rain storm, thankfully the weather held up while we were there.

I really hope you've liked this post, it's certainly a different style of shooting for myself as I usual do landscapes, so something moving especially with a slow focussing lens was a challenge, but I am more than happy with some of the shots that came out of todays visit.

Thanks for reading,

All the best :-)

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