Feathered friends comment contest by Melinda010100

Photo by @brittandjosie
This is my entry to feathered friends comment contest. See contest post here

On one beautiful morning in the city of birds and human, Artudy (the first black bird) spent all its morning listening to newspaper headlines.
The radio was sounding very loud that every bird around its block could here it.
Of all the headlines read by the broadcaster, most of them were news of covid-19 pandemic.
The one that shocked Artudy the most was when it heard that the numbers of infected and dead people have doubled.
The next day, Artudy went out to look for what's best for the tummy. As Artudy got something to eat, it came to the fence to rest.
Lo and behold, other of its friends came to chat but the reverse was the case.
Artudy said to them as it maintained normal social distancing;

Keep your distance
Cro Cro virus is real


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