The gifts of Bo

This past week Bo and I have been playing around with him grabbing little snacks off my shoulder. Because it's so close to my face, he doesn't like to linger, but he still likes the game and the challenge. Then a couple nights ago, I had a wonderful dream in which Bo was sitting on my shoulder, nuzzling my ear, and playfully trying to stick his head into the sleeve of my hoodie. (Don't ask my why I dreamt about wearing a hoodie during this heat wave.)

I think he must have had the same dream, because the next day, out of the blue, he decided he wanted to do this:

Have I finally achieved gothic disney princess status? Maybe. But, seriously, there are no words for how honored I am, how lucky I feel, and how amazing it is to have this crow in my life.

Here are some stills from the video. I apologize for the glaring overexposure, but when photographing crows (or in this case editing videos shot with an iPhone), you have to overexpose if you want to get details on the crow, otherwise these gorgeous beings just come out like black blobs, or silhouettes if you prefer a nicer term. That's why overcast days are the best for crowtography. Today was sooooo not overcast.




I'm not sure if this next one is a crow. Might be a pelican.


Taking off...



He had scrambled eggs all over his face. Like Frasier Crane. In case you were wondering.

Thanks for reading!


Bo is a wild American Crow, and a dear friend. If you are interested in learning more about our friendship, check out this blog! I also post obsessively about the crows in my neighborhood as I study and try to understand them, so if you'd like to learn with me, please follow!

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