A Pacific Black Duck in Noosaville, Queensland


This is a Pacific Black Duck (latin/scientific name: Anas superciliosa). We found him (her?) in a section of creek that connects Lake Weyba with the main river that soon meets the Coral Sea (that eventually connects with the "Pacific" Ocean after which it seems to be named!).


I've been seeing these kinds of ducks pretty much my whole life. They thrive in so many locations that they are really familiar to me, even though this is only the second time I've ever been to Noosaville. However, today is the first time I have learned their name.


Before today I was just used to identifying ducks as different from other types of water birds, but hadn't taken enough of an interest in learning the names of each kind. Nice to learn something new 😉


This last photo gives more context. You can see its mate in the background (ducks are almost never seen alone, but rather in pairs or as a whole family if they are raising ducklings). You can also see not only how crystal clear the water was that day, but also just how nice the weather was.

It was a great weekend getaway ♥️

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