Swooping In For a Snack

Hi fellow Avian lovers,

Today we spotted something awesome, I think it was a Heron!


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Yummy Goldfish

A few weeks ago when the little man and I were out on a walk in the area we walked by the pond and noticed some movement in the water. I deleted the picture but there about 50 goldfish swimming around from someone putting them in there it was cool! The fish were schooling together and it was a nice thing to see in an otherwise useless pond.

Fast for award to a few days ago and we were out for another walk when we saw a giant bird that is sometimes in the area. I’m not too good with the differences between the larger birds like this, if it’s a heron or a crane but it’s one of those ones with long skinny legs and walks around eating fish lol. I’ve seen the bird last year and the year before I think, around this time so it’s probably migrating to wherever it wants to mate. There’s never been more than some tadpoles in the pond though so I think this time it got a good surprise!


We went out for a walk to our car and spotted the thing but I didn’t want to spook it so we were quiet and respectful of it so it didn’t feel threatened and fly away. We went out to do some errands for a few hours and figured the thing would be long gone. Nope! It was still prowling around the pond looking for stuff so at that point I knew it was doing more than just taking a break. It was after the dozens of goldfish that were in the pond now. I was kind of hoping the goldfish would last a few months but I knew once the big birds spotted them they would be snacks lol.


We even saw the thing the following day hanging out! This was the first time I saw it more than once so I knew it was hanging out in the area for food before it’s journey to wherever it needs to go next. It’s a tough part of the food chain but important nonetheless.


It was cool to show our son a bit of a rare bird for the area and he was telling my wife all about it when we got home. I was trying to explain to him that the big birds like that probably ate the goldfish so we might not see them and he said just like bass eat the small fish. They catch on quickly lol.

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