The pigeon , I saw near the yard and sea.

Hello feathered friends community members and all of lovely hivers, today I have a little something to share. I haven't been to this community for a long time and I'm back today, so I hope to give you a warm welcome.

I am from two small countries in Southeast Asia. A country that is currently politically unstable. It is a small developing country that is rebelling because the people are not satisfied under the military.

This country is full of superstitious beasts, some of which are already on the rare list. It is a country where many species of pythons and snakes are preserved in pagodas.

The country also has a rich variety of birds, especially ravens and pigeons. In this post, I will talk about those birds.

A few days ago I visited another city. That city is a seaside city. As it is a seaside town, there are plenty of fish and birds that come to eat bugs on the beach. Especially crows and pigeons. They come to eat food that people have already eaten. When I arrived at the beach, I entered a nearby temple. I saw some birds there, so I took some pictures.

In the next picture, you can see the birds on the street lamp post. I took the picture when I got up early in the morning and saw the pigeons sitting on the street lamp post. In this picture, due to the distant shot, many birds can be seen, but the ink ring is not very clear. I also shared this picture.

This last picture is from a monastery I visited. Inside the school, there is a green grass, and the birds are walking on that grass. As for me, I took a photo of 2 pigeons that came in front of my eyes. I don't know if they are married or not. Friends, what do you think? Can they be a couple?


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