"What can I eat? I'm hungrrrrrrrry!"
"Hungry?!! But we just ate lunch!"
"I'm still hungry."
"Have a banana."
" I already did. I ate two. And a pear."
"You had two helpings of cottage pie and a slice of sourdough. Plus fruit; And you are still hungry?!"
I exclaimed. My five year old grinned. Nodding is head vigorously and rubbing his tummy as if to emphasize just how desperately hungry he was.
"What are you going to feed me?"


Growing children eat. A lot. A growing boy particularly so. They have bottomless tummies that never seem to be filled. I can relate to the long hours that parent birds work flying to and fro between nest and foraging fields. We are privileged to watch mother and father Malachite sunbird feeding tasty bug morsels for their growing hatchlings throughout the long, hot summer days.


During Spring various species of birds build nests around the homestead. Sparrows. Hoopoe. Black shouldered Kite. Weavers. Hadeda. And, my favourite; Sunbirds! Location is everything. Their favourite is nestled smack bang between the nasty thorns of a massive cactus. It also happens to be at the back corner of our house. A perfect viewing spot. Except for our cats which watch in disgust from a safe distance.


Grubs. Butterflies. Worms. All imaginable delicacy of bug is on the menu for the constantly gaping beaks. It is exciting for me to share these special photos of the Malachite Sunbird family at their innumerable meal times with @nelinoeva for this week's Feathered Friends Contest


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