Kingfisher Swallowed a Fish

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Hello Birds Lover!
I'm so happy It's my 3rd time participating in the Show Me A Photo contest from the last two rounds In rounds 1st I got 2nd & in the second round I got 1st place. 😋😘😍 It's all about love from you @nelinoeva this week the contest is about Bird & Food if you want to participate simply click on this link follow the rules in order to be eligible to participate

And for my entry to this contest, I would share my recent photographs in the form of a visual story personally I go to the northern area of Pakistan the northern area is truly the haven for birds here we have so many rare birds while bird watching I went to the riverside there I saw common kingfisher sitting on a tree and something is placed near the bird 1st I think its the piece of his wing hair


But after some time he looks at the piece before continuing, I would like to share about this bird The Kingfisher has a long beak he easily hunts a small fish he loves eating fish it's his favorite meal also they have the ability to dive deep into the water in search of food


Still, I didn't get what is placed beside him? But after some time he picks it up with his beak then I saw a fish in his beak this is his eating time 😊 Saw this beautiful image


After all this at the last, He swallowed the fish


Thanks for reading my post please support my work see you soon
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