Colorful parrots are kept at home!!

Naturally beautiful colored birds and animals are present in the world, but perhaps man is so busy that he is unable to see animals and birds with a natural beautiful color.

Today many people keep birds and animals in their homes and also take proper care of them and this hobby is found almost everywhere.

I was very happy to see these beautiful colored parrots that were kept by a friend in his house. He has completed all the required necessities in a very beautiful manner and all preparations have been made to take care of them from time to time.


He is keeping pairs of different colors from which the desire to increase the breed of these birds and his purpose is to give these birds in the form of gifts to friends.

To protect them from cold air in winter, when is the best measurement done on their cage so that they do not have any kind of problem in winter.


To protect them from the heat in summer, the processors removed from the computer has been installed on the various places so that they can get cool air and they do not get sick in summer.


The pair of each color looks very attractive and when the sunlight falls on them, their colors look even more beautiful.

It is better if these colors are kept in separate cells of the cage then it will not mix and their children will remain in the list of such colors.


I like these two colors very much and I am sharing them with you, although these parrots are present in many colors and each color has its own beauty.


Their diet is very simple and they are very happy by eating small grains of wheat and maize, fresh water which should be given to them so that they do not get sick due to cold water in winter.


Before keeping these birds in their homes, their arrangements should be complete so that when you bring these birds, immediately keep them in their places and make arrangements for their food and water.

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