Nest In Front Of My Home Made Me Addictive Of Watching The Bird's House Beauty

Our house is that place where we feel much comfortable than any other place. Everyone in this world want to make his own beautiful house, where they spend their lives peacefully with their beloved ones. This habit is also found in birds and they work hard to make their house. They don't depend on any labour for building up their house. They collect the material for building their home on their own behalf.
The house of the birds are known as the nest and am in love with the beauty of bird's house.

When First Time I Watched The Bird's Nest....?

In winter it's my routine to spend most of time in my home's terrace with my tea mug. Main reason behind it to enjoy the sunshine with the beautuful view of village.

I watched the bird's nest first time in November 2021, when the winter was just going to start. It was on the Tun tuna tree and looking so beautiful.

After that, this nest became my favorite and i made it's snaps on daily basis.

I didn't see the any kind of birds on it and in winter this nest gave the very sad look and missed her owner.
Then finally spring season came, leaves start growing on the plants and birds also start coming back on that plant.

No doubt spring increase the beauty of this nest and one day i saw i crow was sitting near the nest and i think he was the owner of that beautiful nest.

After this spring filled the plant with leave and this nest was hidden behind the leaves and in this winter when the leaves of tree fall down i didn't find any kind of nest on that plant. May be stromy rain destroyed it, but it's make me sad because it's my favorite thing to view in winter.
Now again it's summer the plant is full of leaves and two doves are permanently found on Tun tuna tree for the whole day i hope they will make the nest on it and then i will enjoy watching it.

Second Time Bird's Nest I See In My Aunt's House:

Few days back i gone to my Khala's house to meet with them and where my cousins introduced me the nest of sparrow on grape's vine.

This nest was looking little bit damaged from one side, but i hope the sparrow repaired it. Not only on the grape's vine, the sparrows made the nest behind the pillar also. In short their home is rich with bird's nests.

I think the sparrows love the grape's vine Because my sister said one of such prettiest nest also found in our Chachu's house and on grape's vine but i didn't explore it till yet. But am thinking of growing the grape's vine in home because i want such nest of sparrow in my home also.

Closing Thoughts:

Watching the nests of house give me the feeling of peace also it's increase the beauty of tree. I wish this time the birds made three to fours nests in surrounding of my house and i will never ever getting bored from watching it.

Thanks For Reading.....!

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All images are original and clicked by me.

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