Chakore (Pheasant): A Group Of Birds Live Near My Home

Chakore is the hen like domestic bird not the wild. People who's liked these birds bought them and keep them in the home. In my village there is the belief about them that;

"Having Chakore in the home will keep the black magic away from it."

But still it's not common in my village rarely people have these birds in their homes and our neighbors are one of them. Before the last year i didn't see this bird, it was the starting days of December 2021 when this bird landed on our terrace and i was getting introduced with it.

They are total four in number but one Chakore always stayed separate from their friends.

Anyhow these are our neighbors birds and they don't keep them in the cage that's why they all time scroll here and there in everyone house, especially in our home.

  • Chakore is somehow looking like the hen but the one thing that make them different from the hen is their flying level. They jumped very easily on the trees.

Our neighbors don't care about them too much, that's why they are living freely in the near forest or especially on our Acacia trees. From winter to summer in every season they spent their night on the trees.

These birds are so cute but i have only one issue with them that they cry all time with the loud voice i don't have any issue with their voice in the day time but their this habit disturbed my sleep several times in the night and morning time. But it's okay i compromised with it.

Because they are so beautiful and the harmless birds and i liked their ramp walk and love to click their pictures.

Now from the past few months they limited their life in the forest. But few days back they again give the entry in our home and am happy from their returns back.

One interesting fact about the Chakore i forget to tell you that their eggs are edible and similar to the hen egg, just a minor taste difference found between the Chakore and Hen's egg. I eat it last year😁.

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All images are original and clicked by me.

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