The blackbirds have arrived

So my bird feeder is empty. Yesterday and today, only sparrows came to her. I was very surprised by this. Why did they decide to come? They probably aren't afraid of the competition anymore, but I don't put food in the feeder anymore.
Now there are blackbirds in my garden. They're looking for earthworms.
But first one blackbird flew to my window, or rather, he sat down on a tree in front of my window.

Hey, man, why are you sitting with your back to me? Turn to me.


He sat in one place for quite a long time, but all he did was point his tail in my direction.


Guys, look how beautiful his feathers are. They remind me of the armor of Roman soldiers.


And he was also unhappy about something and shouted.
Or maybe he was calling his friends to him.


After a while, the bird flew to the apple tree and sat there for a while.


Then she looked at me, turned her head, and flew away.


In the evening, the blackbirds frolicked in the clearing. There were about 5 of them. Probably, the worms crawled out in the sun to warm up, and the birds decided to have dinner with them.



Spring is a wonderful time. This is the time of the beginning, the birth, the arrival of birds, the time to make plans for the summer.
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