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Hello Feathered Friends Lovers.

When I first saw the Hawfinch (oakbill), I didn't even know that such a bird existed. But I immediately liked this bird very much. A powerful beak is a distinctive feature of this bird from other birds of similar size that live in our region.
I usually say that for me the oakbill is like a parrot, which also has such a powerful thick beak. But parrots in our region live only in cages, in warm apartments.

But this specimen reminded me of a proud eagle bird. This was probably influenced by the angle - from the bottom up.
The falling light of the morning Sun creates the effect of a steel beak! It seems that the beak of this bird is made of metal.

Well, it's definitely a steel beak! Maybe some doctor AiBolit performed an operation on him and replaced his beak?
By the way, the Russian doctor Aibolit is John Dolittle.

This photo was taken on Friday, and today a sparrowhawk was sitting in this place. He flew back to catch bluebirds. His hunt was not crowned with success. But I also failed to take a picture of the hawk, because I took out a memory card from the camera and inserted it into the laptop. Soon the snow will melt, the birds will stop coming to the feeder and there will be no chance to photograph the hawk so close.

I hope, friends, that you liked my little photo review of this very beautiful bird. Somehow I would still be able to see these birds in the summer in the forest. It would be very cool!

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