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Hello, my friends.

Hello Feathered Friends Lovers.

Today winter has decided to return to our region. Or maybe spring has just stopped its progress in our region? The north wind started blowing last night, and it started snowing this morning. The weather was very nasty.
Migratory birds have already begun to arrive in our region from warm winter apartments. Last Sunday I saw seagulls, and today flocks of fieldfares began to fly around my village in search of food. The food for them was left over from last year's autumn - there were red berries on the rowan tree.

But hawfinch does not fly anywhere. He lives in one place all year round. He doesn't like to travel. Birds, like people, are divided into 2 categories - stay-at-home and travelers. Some people like to stay at home, occasionally go to the store to buy another portion of food, and other people are looking for new meetings and impressions, and only occasionally come to their home.
So are the birds.

What's going on? Today I wanted to show the birds that came from distant warm regions to eat sunflower seeds from my feeder. And it turned out that instead of a traveler, I showed a homebody grosbeak today. Why is that? But because I like to look at this bird!!! I have already told you about my love for this beautiful bird.

Этот парень очень быстро расправляется с семенами подсолнечника с помощью своего мощного клюва.
And so. A little bit about travelers. Today chaffinches and finches flew to my feeder. And they did not eat food from the feeder. Their beaks are not as big as those of the grosbeak, so they jumped and ran on the ground and pecked at the crumbs that remain after birds feeding directly from the feeder.

It's a finch.

These are chaffinches.
They are similar to finches, but still there are differences - they have a different color of the head and the finch has a white belly.

These birds are very nimble. They were running under the trees and pecking at something. These birds now need a lot of food to regain strength after a long flight and maintain warmth in their body.

I hope, friends, that you liked my photo review of birds.

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