Feathered Friends - SMAP Round 79 - Different birds

Hello, my friends.

Hello Feathered Friends Lovers.

Hi, @nelinoeva.
You've managed to come up with an interesting task again. I would say that this is not the easiest task. You wanted us to show you several different birds at the same time. I usually try to single out one particular bird from a flock of mismatched birds. But I remember that I took photos of different birds in the same flock. To do this, I need to dig through the archive.

This week's theme (ROUND 79) - TWO DIFFERENT BIRDS.

My main bird photos are taken in winter. Birds come to my window, Why? To eat sunflower seeds. I hang feeders on trees and pour food there and the birds fly to these feeders with pleasure. I think that soon I need to buy a big bag of sunflower seeds at a wholesale price. To be honest, it takes a lot of money to feed.

It seems to me that I was able to cope with the task. I found photos with different birds. And there are really several different birds in each frame.

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