My feathered friend SMAP Contest Entry - The Tail

This my entry in the Show Me a Photo Contest round 38. It is funny and strange when @nelinoeva threw out this challenge I started to see tails everywhere, they just seem to materialise out of nowhere. Obviously I had turned on my tail eyes!

I initially chose the ordinary scrub turkeys as they have large fan like tails. They are busy birds that like to walk a lot, over the roads, on the paths and in the bush areas to dig for food. Luckily the scrub turkeys are are out and about when I am walking.

My first photo was a stare off with this most magnificent somewhat indignant young scrub turkey. My fault was edging a little too close to get a good close up photo.


On this particular day I happen to be on the outside of the fence when I spotted the tail of another very busy scrub turkey on the move. It was far too busy to give me the time of day. Anyway I was only after the tail!




For my ending to this fun #featheredfriend post are 2 photos that I snapped yesterday morning, of the black beaked bird that visits this shrub in my garden regularly. I apologise I cannot find its name despite looking everywhere.


Maybe someone who knows more about birds than I do may know.


I really love this last shot so I am making it my entry photo in Show Me a Photo Contest - Round 38.

But, I did have fun taking photos of the scrub turkeys.

Regards to you all, have a happy day.


Many thanks to the lovely @melinda010100 for bringing us #featheredfriends and a big thank you to @nelinoeva for all your organising and to @oks2cryptp for judging all the fabulous entries.

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