Feathered friends in my bird baths

I am delighted to take part in round 35 of Show Me a Photo Contest in the Feathered Friends Community. Bird In Bird Bath is a fabulous creative theme @eolianpariah and @hjrrodeguez. Love it!

There are two bird baths in my little garden, one at the front and one at the back for the sole purpose to encourage as many birds as I can to and drink the water and take baths. My ploy has worked a treat as many variety of birds visit for a bath everyday.

Taking photos is a challenging affair as wild birds are quick to take flight if they sense a human is getting up close and personal. And I been entertained no end with birds's antics. Like for example, this noisy black and white honey bird who along with his mates love bomb diving and making very loud noises at the same time. Sorry, I have no idea of the name of these birds.


One morning I managed to take a pic of a Butcher Bird making a splash in the backyard bird bath.


The photo that is my all time favourite and one that I have shared on Hive a long time ago, is one of a small honey eater I saw dipping in and out of the water in the front yard's bird bath. As I clicked with my iPhone he took flight and I ended up with the best action shot of fluttering wings in a golden hazy mist.

This photo is my entry in Bird In Bath Bath Round 35 of the photo contest, even though technically this honey eater is in flight over the bird bath.


So ends my post and thank you @nelinoeva for hosting the contest.


Seagulls are frequent visitors to my surf beach across the road. They are particularly fond of fishermen and their bait, always bolding staying as close as possible hoping for food. Sometimes they score big time with a dead fish or two.


#featheredfriends brought to Hive by the ever lovely @melinda010100



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