Wagtail and Freedom

Hello friends.

I'm not a wizard or a magician, I'm just learning to be one.

I have already told you once what brought me to the amusement park early in the morning, when all normal people are still asleep or just waking up.
But I'm not completely normal. I like to wake up early on a sunny morning and take a walk in some park or even drive to the forest.
So I met a bird in the park, a wagtail bird. One thing was bad - she was on a lattice fence and I couldn't get close. And the sun was shining in my face.


I just want to show this bird. She is always so lively, does not stand in one place, constantly walks, flies from place to place and, most importantly, shakes her tail.
In Russian, the name of this bird means - shakes his ass.


This wagtail is called the white wagtail. There is also a yellow wagtail, but I have seen this one only once near a small river.


My thoughts are confused in my head, because I'm sitting and falling asleep. And I still have to wait almost a whole day for the completion of a running task on the computer.
I like to wake up early, but when it happens during the week, and the duration of sleep is only 4 hours, but fatigue begins to catch up with you even on the go.

It's probably good to be a bird. Of all the existing worries, this is the search for food for yourself.
Well, also take care of yourself from a predator.

And you don't have to go to work. And there is no boss over you. In fact, I have a good boss. I refused this position and said that Sergey, that's the name of the boss, is more worthy of this position. I just have a few jobs, and if I became the head of the department, I would have to lose some jobs. And I don't want to lose them.

So there are birds that try to eat food from several feeders at once. But the birds do not have pockets and they can not collect food in them for the future. And I have big pockets and I try to fill them with money.

I think Hive will help me fill my pockets. But hive has become something much more than a means of earning money for me. I like communicating with interesting people, I see the lives of people who live all over the world!

I would also like to buy a new Nikon camera of a new generation, mirrorless. There is a new trend-cameras without a mirror. Nokia started using a new bypass for this - Nokia Z. It has a larger diameter and means more light can enter the matrix, the picture quality should be better! But it costs money again.

Is the whole meaning of life reduced to the banal extraction of money, as birds get their own food?



And the birds can also travel freely. They freely cross borders and they do not need passports and visas. Freedom!

I give 5% of the reward to @archon, and he thanks me for it. Do you do it?
I give 5% of the reward to @hive-166168, and he thanks me for it. Do you do it?

I wish everyone happiness for life and good luck for every day.

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