Feeling pained? You're alive!


They said , pain is a part of life and being able to feel the pain is way of saying we are alive. When we love , pain also exist. Some says if you are ready to love, be also prepared to feel the pain because that's part of loving.

There's a lot of pain in this world , people feel the pain differently because we have different tolerance when it comes on handling it. Some are not strong enough to handle the pain but some people are too strong to bear the pain that the world has caused them. There's a pain in every areas of our life. Physically , mentally , emotionally and spiritually. Maybe the cause of our pain comes from our family , friends , environment or circumstances. There's a pain that literally pain itself but there's also a pain that makes us strong and makes us happy and free and even brought a new life.

**Pain from wound.****

I know you experienced to fall when you are a kid. Not fall in love but fall on the ground huh. We experienced to get wounded because of our actions. There's a saying if you have scars on your knee it means that your childhood was fun. It was fun not because you got hurt but because there's a lot of stories behind the scars. I experienced to fall on the ground a lot of times but still manage to stand up and continue playing with my friends. I even fall on the tree and got a fractured but still I manage to stand up and overcome the pain I've felt.

Earlier , I was cleaning on the kitchen and our divider fall resulting that the stuff located there fall and got broken. I clean all the mess and the broken bottles and because of being careless I got wounded. It was a small piece of glass but it gave me pain seeing that there's a blood coming from the wound.

**Pain from letting go.****

Like what I said above , pain is part of loving and letting go is also painful. This kind of pain gives you the freedom to see the world again that has been lost because of too much love from the people you love but not destined to be yours. The pain that you even questioned yourself if you are deserving for that kind of pain but in the back of your mind you knew that it's a process and that pain will fade as you learn to accept that you are not destined to each other.

A pain that leads you to a person that you deserved. A pain that leads you to the better plan of the Lord. A pain that makes you strong and realized a lot of things when it comes to love.

**Pain from giving life.****

This is a kind of pain that mothers feel when they are giving birth to thier children. They say it's an unbearable and unexplainable pain specially the labor times but personally I didn't experience it because I gave birth to my son via ceasarian operation. But for those mothers who gave birth with normal method , they are really brave and I admire them for that. That pain they felt because they need to deliver a new life. A pain that brings new life.

As for us ceasarian mothers, we know we didn't experience labor but we also feel the pain. The pain from the cuts on our tummy that needs a long time to be healed. Until now we still feel the pain , in every back pain we have felt because of the epidural injection. The pain of being forgetful all the time.

**Pain from losing someone.****

A kind of pain that makes you sad thinking the you will not see that person anymore. This kind of pain is a sign of longing to a person and it needs adjustment and acceptance to be able to be free from this pain.

There's also different scenarios of pain when it comes on losing someone because the cause of death were different. To the ones who was ill and it's more better to end the life instead of having a hard time here on Earth , I mean seeing them suffering because of illness. I think it's more bearable but for some cases like rape or being killed and asking for some justice I think it's more painful because it was unexpected.

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