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Greetings to All the golden age bloggers! Today I am excited to share on the theme of the week which is one of my favorites Musical Memories I invite you on a journey through my favorite songs in 4 decades of my life.

Music was present since I was born, the 60's.

I was born in the 60's. Back then my mom was a fan of Mexican soap operas and movies. She listened to many of them on the radio and the musical effects brought the scenes to life. When I was 7 years old I learned to dance the Charleston. I would come to my grandmother's house who was the only one with a black and white TV and watch the movies with my uncles. One day my favorite uncle told me he would give me a quarter if I danced the Charleston just like the actress in the movie, I did and they loved my dance. After that day every time we got together they would give me a coin to watch me dance. It was fun because my grandmother enjoyed it so much.



Singing and dancing in flared pants in the 70's.

Who doesn't recognize the notes of the full scale of the piano characteristic of the song Dancing Queen by ABBA?

I remember that we used to get together at my house, we were a big family and we didn't need to invite anyone from outside to make the party since we were more than 12 people at home. On the weekends, birthday celebrations were common during the week and in the backyard we would set up a table with a cake that my mother would prepare and a special lunch that she would make up for the guest of honor. We used to dress with flared pants and platform shoes, some of the clothes were made at home by my mother since we were 10 siblings and the budget was very tight.

And what we couldn't miss on party weekends was music. My older sisters and I would start with the popular songs early in the morning while cleaning the house and polishing the floor to make it easier to dance.

And the ABBA album was one of my favorites. When I hear Dancing Queen today my mind travels back in time and transports me to those family weekends, the hustle and bustle, the food and dancing. It makes me nostalgic.

The Great 80's

The 80's started off on the right foot, the modern music of the time was fascinating for teenagers especially. One of the hits that marked my life was Words don't come easy to me, but I'm not talking about just any song, this song was positioned in one of the first places of favorites in the world and in the year of its release (1982) it reached #2 in the European charts. When I heard it for the first time I fell in love, as I didn't know the English language I became obsessed to know what it said and together with my cousin who had a little command of the language and the help of a dictionary we made the translation.

I felt totally identified with the lyrics since I am very shy and romantic so this song became part of my list of favorite songs and today I have it in my phone player. This song is performed by the French F.R. David, although it is the only one of his songs that was heard as a bom in my country, it was enough for it to become an icon of the romantic music of those years. I share with you a fragment of the song and the video clip that seemed modern and colorful for its time.

Words don't come easy to me
How can I find a way to make you see I love you
Words don't come easy
Words don't come easy to me
This is the only way for me to say I love you
Words don't come easy
Well, I'm just a music man
Melodies are so far my best friend
But my words are coming out wrong
Girl, I reveal my heart to you and
Hope that you believe it's true 'cause

I'm going to allow myself to name an extra song, as a bonus, to end the stupendous 80's, I couldn't overlook the song that revolutionized our era, it's Thriller by Michael Jackson. The dance, the rhythm, the video clip, everything was perfect. The feeling this song gave me when I heard it on the radio was inexplicable. I wanted to dance and turn up the sound system. The king of pop marked a before and after in music and in my opinion set the bar so high that today it will be very difficult for another musical phenomenon to mark a whole generation since the essence of music as such has been totally lost.

I leave you with this wonderful classic, of which I know its steps by heart. Enjoy it!

A musical mom in the 90's

By the time of the 90's I was very busy, simply, being a mom. But that didn't keep me away from music, I was always aware that my daughters were listening to what was in fashion but with my supervision. So I can say that I enjoyed the songs of Westlife, Backstreet Boys, N'sinc, Britney Spears. But the grouping of that time that could shake me again was ABBA TEEN. They were the same songs from the 70's but now with a fresh and renewed rhythm that my daughters loved and me of course. We really enjoyed these songs on sleepover nights that my girls would make up. For me it was a way to teach them my music in a modern way.

I know I am very fortunate to have lived in the golden age of music. I taught my daughters to listen to the best songs and I am proud of the musical tastes they have, now that I am a grandmother my mission is still on to teach this new generation what is real music.

This is my participation, I hope you like it and see you next time.

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