Would You Stay in Our Guest Bus in The Garden?

Exciting news in Victoria this week as from Thursday, we can have ten people in our homes. It won't be long before Melbourne's out and I can finally see my son, and it won't be long before people can stay the night. All politics aside, I'm looking forward to a 'living with COVID' world, as it's sure more liveable than what we've had of late.

And so, yet again I spent days cleaning the spiders from the bus and finding ways to make it more liveable. No one likes a spider in their bed, but to be honest, there wasn't many - off they scuttled away from the broom. The bedding was shook free of dust and washed, and the boxes of Defender parts, car seats, camp equipment and bags were put in much better places so we could again create a welcome room for guests.


One thing that was a bit of a change was the wood that I put behind the bed as a bed head. Previously, it was a curtain - there's a window behind that - but this old door means that one can comfortably sit up and bed and drink tea or read, with the added bonus of it being a little darker at night. The cupboard you see in the left corner was from our van, which I'm pulling apart to re-do again for my personal surfing van next summer. It fits perfectly in the space.


The woodburner was cleaned out - it's already getting too warm to light a fire. The 'OM' letters are from the 'Comair' badge for the bus - it's a Bedford Comair, 1967 I think. Used to do old schools runs through Geelong and all the way to Apollo Bay. It doesn't go anymore and nor do we expect it to - we couldn't even get it out from where it's enclosed by trees in the garden.



Where the drivers seat would be is a bathroom of sorts - a table with a washbowl and jug. On the right, what you can't see is a pee bucket, which gets tipped on the garden by the guests. Sounds gross, but it's better than going out in the cold in the middle of the night.


I also want to get rid of the couch - whilst it looks okay in the photo, the leg is broken and the vinyl ripped. I have a couple of bean bags I think would be better there.

I particularly love the old floorboards we used to make a bench along the wall. I do need to find a chair or two for that space as well.


If guests were to stay longer (sometimes we have overseas guests, though it'll be a while before we are allowed to have any) I usually put a camp stove, a kettle and some kitchen things in there, as well as a 12v fridge. There's still work to be done to make it just right. It's not a showpiece - it's quite makeshift and most things in it are recycled, but it doesn't need to be - it's a little home for our guests to feel comfortable.

Would you stay in our bus?

With Love,


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