A Library In The Park


I am a bit of a bookworm during my school and university days and also a hardworking student who aspires to get good grades. In my primary school, I loved reading and also I was always borrowing books from the library. In my upper secondary days, I would cycle from my home to the school library every night. While preparing for my public examinations, I would also go to the library during weekends. When I entered university, my habit of going to the library continued. It has become a daily ritual to walk to the library every evening after my dinner. In fact, my friends would tease me "Charles has to go declare open the library, otherwise the library will be close".

For me, the library is the perfect environment to study. I am able to concentrate better as the place is so quiet and peaceful. In addition, everything is just so neatly displayed and arranged. Staying in the tropics, the climate here is hot and humid. The library with its air-conditioning is a welcome relief from the outside heat. Lastly, the library has many references that I can use. This was before the age of the internet and Google and these references are crucial for doing assignments and term papers.

Pustaka Negeri Sarawak or the Sarawak State Library was constructed in 2000 and is located in a beautiful park in Petra Jaya, Kuching. Now that I am no longer studying, I go to this library more to enjoy the scenery there and to go jogging.


The library is sited next to a man-made lake which makes it look even more majestic.


Fishes can be seen swimming in the lake.


The park has lots of big beautiful trees.


Many people like to come here to jog or just walk around.


I loved the green scenery.


There are a number of exercise stations for those who want to keep fit.


The patio outside the library where you can sit to admire the views of the lake and park.


The outside area is often used for line dancing or group exercises.


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