A Pollution Solution

Hello, beefriends. Hope you all are doing well today! You may have seen me mention how terrible Denver's pollution can be; we hit #1 on the world's most polluted cities list earlier this month, thanks to wildfire smoke in addition to our usual brown cloud.

The pollution can really make me ill, so I've had an air purifier on my wishlist for a while. I got it from my mom for my birthday, hooray!

air purifier.jpg

It's a little one meant to do one room so it lives on the endtable next to my bed. I've had it running 24/7 for a few days now. Already I find myself doing this little wheeze I've been having far less; I've only done it twice since I turned it on, when previously I had been wheezing several times a day. And that's with just one sized to my bedroom, not my whole apartment, so it really is making a difference!

I haven't been able to open my windows all summer because of the pollution (I tried for a little while one day when the AQI wasn't so bad but I still started having a coughing fit after like a half an hour or so and I shut it), and I imagine with all the wildfires being as climate-change-apocalypse as they are, that likely won't change any time soon. At least I can have cleaner air inside this way!

Do any of y'all need air purifiers where you are? Do you find that they help? This one has two HEPA filters in it, so it's getting all the pollen and dust and stuff, too.

bee good.jpg

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