The holidays are over in South Africa.

Heavy traffic on our roads as thousands are returning home.

We live in a very big country and people travel from far away to have a holiday at the sea. Beaches over here are packed during the holiday seasons and so flights are fully booked by tourists from other countries and the locals all travel back by road.

Now this is a great way to drive around at the ocean and I can only imagine how I would have liked to travel with this in my younger days.

But I found this baby that was made in my birth year and oh yes, this truck would be ideal to eat up the miles back home.





Some distances to give you an idea that the visitors have to drive are the following.
From Durban in the KZN province to Johannesburg is only 569 kilometers.
From Cape Town to Johannesburg is 1401 km.
Cape Town to Polokwane is 1713 km.
Cape Town to Beit Bridge is 1938 km.

So yes, it is certainly many hours on the road and I have personally travelled all of these roads.

But, with this motor and the Holley carburetor a long drive will be a cinch.

Ample space here for a bed and other equipment to hit the long road with. Of course, one would need a canopy for the long trips.


And then its farewell to the art, the ocean, the hotels, the beach, the fun, and whatever else people do on holiday.

I remember well that throbbing motor begging for one to step on the gas and this truck can race many modern cars.
But I will never race with it as the slow cruise and hearing the throb of the motor is so much better. No loud screaming noise from the exhausts, but just a silent mile killer machine.
Sadly, we don't make them like this anymore as nowadays everything is false and plastic.

Very similar to life, isn't it?

And That's All Friends.

Photos by Zac Smith-All Rights Reserved.

Camera: Canon Powershot SX60HS Bridge camera.

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