Thanksgiving Afternoon - Enough for 4 People

My husband and I went to Valencia city in search of some medical exams. We spent the entire day from one clinic to another and we didn't find anything, but at the end we were very hungry. Because of Covid we don't go out to eat to prevent being infected with this virus. We decided to eat something in a very good restaurant thinking that place was very economical and serve good food. Many years ago we used to go to that place with our children and the food was very good and cheap, but we found out that now it was still good, but it wan't cheap anymore.

The restaurant is named Asados del Bosque and they serve barbecues and all kind of dishes with chicken. Before the pandemic times they used to serve all kind of vegetables and salads with different kind of sauces. You could prepare your own salad and choose all the vegetables you liked, but for hygiene the self service table was eliminated. The place is very big and has many people visiting it daily despite the Covid measures. The quality of the meals attracts people. We arrived to the place at 2 o'clock past the time of lunch and that was propitious to avoid Covid because the place was a bit empty.

We went for a food package that consists of 1/2 roasted chicken, green salad, fried potatoes or yucca and a refreshment. We asked for the dish but in Venezuela they serve a part first and the main meal comes after the salad and potatoes. We were eaten when the waiter brought the chicken. We realized that my husband made a mistake, because the waiter brought us a whole chicken.

We felt bad because it was too much food for us and may be people was going to think that we were greedy. It was like a thanksgiving day because of the quantity of food on our table. We were served two salads, yucca, fried potatoes, chicken, sauces and refreshment. We don't eat that much, and the worst was that we have to pay double, and the money we had was for the clinic exams.

I served a little of chicken and salad with a piece of yucca because I am diabetic and my husband ate some of the potatoes chips because he hasn't has health problems. We ate what we could, but we felt very bad because there are many people around you dying of hunger. When we finished we asked the waiter to gives us a container to take the rest of the food with us. We were surprised because he said we had to pay 4 dollars for it. He was really a nice man and brought us a paper bag where we could place the chicken and some cardboard plates for the the rest of the salads without paying more money. Next time will be carefull with what we order for a meal, however we enjoyed the food.

All the images were taken with my Samsung A5

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