Is It Really Worth It?

I've been on Hive for a few months now. In the beginning it seemed quite easy. Everyday, except on some weekend days when I was busy with family things, I would turn up on Hive, via my favourite DAPP Ecency, and write something. I was always encouraged by the response I got, which made me want to write even more. I was thoroughly enjoying my Hive experience.

Of course there were days when I just didn't know what to write about. I'm not a writer in the sense that I'm a trained writer. Some days I would stare at the screen, but eventually I would come up with something. The great thing about when you first start on Hive is that everyone wants to encourage you, there are people on here who go out looking for newbies in order to encourage them to stay. The problem I found is that it gives a bit of a false sense of how well you are doing because once that stops you start to see your posts tank. Then you start to wonder if all that early attention was not a real reflection of the quality of your writing. Or at least that's what I have found.

At first I ploughed along doggedly, determined to build something on Hive that will last. But then I stopped posting while I was away on holiday with my wife. Since coming back home I have struggled to get started again. All my good intentions of posting, commenting on at least 5 posts and curating new content have not come into fruition. It's like an inertia has come over me. Even writing this post has taken a monumental effort, as I'm writing I feel like stopping.

Maybe it's inevitable when it comes to something like this. At the beginning you have lots of enthusiasm that keeps you going even when it isn't easy, but it then it tails off as you realise that anything worthwhile takes work and determination. It could well be that the sense of inertia I feel is nothing more than laziness. Some of it is no doubt discouragement from when I've written something and it's lay virtually unread in the depths of the blockchain.

So what's the answer to this? If I'm honest I'm not sure apart from forcing myself to spend time on Hive even when everything in me is screaming to do something else. The problem with that is posting just because I feel that I have to post may just make it a chore, and what I write will be even more uninteresting.

What am I to do? I will probably plod long trying to post and get involved on Hive as much as I can and hope that something will spark my original enthusiasm for it. Time will only tell if this is successful. At the moment I'm still wondering if it's worth it.

I couldn't find a photo to fit this post so the picture is of me sat in my garden. Taken on my laptop.

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