Step Back In Time

Travel Back To Rectify

Regrets, I have a few, now to travel back to adjust but one with a week of my choice, what to rectify?

Hindsight is 50/50, life is a bitch when you entertain a magic moment to change something that has already gone. We live for tomorrow with yesterday hanging over our shoulder like a dark cloud if we allow it.

Let's swing through the gate of yesteryear....


Last week spent in Drakensberg to celebrate my brothers 70th birthday what a pleasure being able to be with him. My brother older passed away on his 69th, we went away four months earlier never knowing it would be the last holiday we would spend together. Younger sister lives in another province, longing to live closer, we keep regular contact almost every other day of the week.


Now back to opportunity of a week to change one thing in my life it would be a week, very selfishly of being with my parents and siblings together. Week of August 15th to 21st, 1970 before any of us married would be my week of choice.

Source: Family Photograph Back In Time

Why you may ponder, once a mother you find your own children come first through thick and thin. This week we would have spent time together being my Mothers birthday during the week.

Dreaming with my eyes open, a week would give opportunity to be at one, growing up we tend to have our own ideas, never really sit long enough to appreciate what we have within the moment.


Had we listened to each other would future events have changed? I do believe the possibility may have altered many events we randomly discussed when seeing each other.

We cannot change history only adjust, I believe lessons learned be passed onto the next generation in an attempt of bringing about a better life by discussing/debating from young to appreciate what one has before it is all gone.


Like a reflection, walking down the path one knows not, we savour the moments now in silver, which we never grasped when young.


Walking off a most enjoyable breakfast outing over looking the dam on 6th October 2022.


Thanks for joining me reminiscing my week I would love to visit again, yes to open my ears and listen!


All photography is my own using a Canon PowerShot SC730 HS, resized for easier loading, writing is my own.

Thought for Today: "Time lost is lost forever." - African Proverbs



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