Has the pandemic change your future plan ? Silver blogger question.

Yeah, the pandemic affected my future plans in the aspect of my academic, we stayed home for about 6months, no lectures. So we were far lacking behind. And it also affected my parent, they couldnt really afford what they wanted and also what i wanted at that point in time, so we were really affected.
It affected my friends also, because they were out of cash, they couldnt afford what they wanted. Why the pandemic affected my friends and also affected me was because, we party together, we club, we play games, we always visit the zoo. We do all sort of nice and crazy things together.
Those times we were locked inside that we werent able to move from one place to the other also affected me because am that kind of human being who doesnt like staying at one spot for so long so i was left with no choice than to abide with the rules and regulation of my country (nigeria) that we should observe social distance which other countries also observed.

Few months ago, we resumed when the pandemic was over. But lecturers had to be rushing us. So has for us to meet up with the lectures we couldnt treat as a result of the pandemic. When we resumed, my school had to increase our school fees from #57,200 to #93,200 a huge amount of money. So it affected me and my friends and also my family.
My parent had to pay house rent but they had to suspend it just for them to pay my school fees. And also my friends, they were had to drop because they werent able to avoid the fee. It affected me because.. The day they told me they couldnt continue it was the day we were having our exams because in most higher institutions if one doesnt pay school fees he or she wont be allowed to sit for exams. So i was distabilized when they told me they couldnt continue. So they had to drop out from school then that same day they dropped i couldnt concenstrate on my exams well. I didnt had the grade i wanted.

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