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"A little housekeeping and a reminder of the current #bow deadline"

Housekeeping: catching up and a #bow deadline approaching

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It's been a while since we had a bit of a catch-up. For the South Africans in our midst, especially those in Gauteng and KwaZulu Natal, it's been a trying time. We hope the worst is over. We're not alone with our tribulations: the dreadful floods all over Europe and fires in the Unites States are all in the news.


And now: a catch-up

Slowly and surely our account is growing which will benefit everyone, and which brings me to a couple of very important "thank yous":

  • New delegations
    Thank you to @ocd-witness for bumping up their delegation and to one of our "little" new members, @cicisaja for her delegation. If you'd like to delegate to the community account, you can either do so from your wallet or make use of the handy table at the end of this post.

  • Contributions
    We have asked folk that post in the community to add Silver Bloggers as a 5% beneficiary: every little helps - and I'll get to why, in a minute. Thank you to everyone who does this - it's easy to forget. Which brings me to @farm-mom and @thebigsweed who have more than once sent us Hive - because they forgot!


We're growing

We're up to 242 subscribers of whom 80 are active in the community. Both @lizelle and I do our best to personally review scan and curate posts made in the community. We also manually upvote and recommend deserving posts for curation and support. This is why your delegations and the ongoing growth of the community account is important: it means that we can spread the love, so to speak. The bigger the account, the greater the value of our vote on posts to the community.

Please bear with us if we don't get to you - we have RL to contend with, too.

For new subscribers, two things:

  • Unlike PG movies that have a recommended upper age limit, we have a recommended lower age limit. This means that we may well ask you to confirm that you know how to survive with out Post-it Notes. We love our "littler" members who take our "ageism" on the chin and who continue to post in the community and support us. It means more than you know.


A reminder: That childhood memory is due - 26 July 2021

This week's Blog of the Week theme invites you to share that one unforgettable childhood memory. Already, we have some great entries. If you've already shared yours, do remember that to be considered, it must be posted in the community, include #bow and the link dropped as a comment on the announcement post. Do pop over and have a read of the contributions so far, and watch for our winners' announcement next week. And we'll have an extra announcement about the prizes for the winning contributions.

It's not just about #bow

As I mentioned, we do read the contributions to our community and we will, from time to time, show case them in posts like this.

It warms our hearts that longer standing Hiveans are finding a home in our community. So it is with @millycf1976 who (after how long?) decided to introduce herself, not just to Hive, but especially in and through our community! Go and say hi, and read her post here.

For those of us who remember life before post-itnotes the Internet, never mind smart phones, @antikus369 has started a series on how it evolved. Read Part 1 here.

Then, there's the vaccination conundrum. Read @angiemitchell's thoughts here. We hope she gets travelling soon and shares more pictures like this.

Finally, do go and share of a word of encouragement for @bengy who's dealing with the joys of persuading the young one to actually eat. I am sure that there are many among us who can confidently tell him that, this, too will pass.

For today -

That's just about it: if you have posts that you think deserve special attention, do drop in to either my (@fionasfavourites) or @lizelle's blogs and let us know? We hope, all things being equal, and between the two-weekly editions of #bow, to showcase the active members of our community through posts like this.

Do remember to drop in to the Silver Bloggers Community and see what everyone is up to.


Help to build the Silver Bloggers’ community

We’d like to be able to support our members and grow this community. Help us do this in one of three ways (or all three):

  • add the community account to your fanbase so that you can autovote the Silver Bloggers community account (@hive-106316)
  • with a delegation which you can either do yourself from your wallet, or pick an amount from the table below
  • add @hive106316 as a 5% beneficiary when you post in the community

Come and join our Silver Bloggers community


And, thank you in advance

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