Blog of the Week winners and new topic deadline: 26 July 2021

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Before I start, an apology and a request:

  • sorry we're a day late with this - we try to get this out on a Wednesday, but I think you will understand
  • please spare a thought for @lizelle, our Dizzy Blonde founder, who's had an especially challenging time, especially in the last few days, as she explains in her Hive birthday post.

This is a difficult time for our country. I do have to believe that we will get through it and come out stronger.

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(Translation: too long; didn't (don't want to) read.... It'll just take 5 minutes...

If you don't want to read too much, skip to the end and for the #bow winner and the new topic.

The 12 July edition of the #bow

We had a record number of entries again this week: a total of 14, of which 11 met the criteria.

The panel, which at the moment does not include @tarazkp who's on a leave of absence, could not reach consensus on three, let alone one, and which tells you a bit about the standard of entries. Again. Do pop over and read the contributions (not mentioned below) and which are in the announcement post comments here. Remember that even though payout dates may have gone, you can still comment and reward deserving posts by sending a tip.

What's in a name?

This topic, it seems, really did get folk going - both about their Hive handles, their given names and their Sassy Silver names. Remember that if you've not chosen your Silver Blogger's name, you can still do so. Find out here. When you choose your name, please leave a comment here or on that post and when you do, please tag either @lizelle or @fionasfavourites, to alert us to update the community.

Silver thumbs and goats

As I have already said, we were spoilt for choice with entries this week, so we did have to use the random pick tool to absolve us of responsibility help us out.

There were four posts in contention, and the one, sadly, randomly "chucked out," was from our Silver Goat, @johannpiber whose sassy silver name is part of his blockchain story. He reminded us of another blockchain character, @janton who's not been around for a while. Read the Silver Goat's story here.

We were also charmed by little @cicisaja's maiden contribution to the community and the contest. Not only does she give us the "thumbs up", but she's chosen "Silver Thumb" as her nom de plume. Read that story and the one about her RL nickname here.


The stories behind Dizzy Blond and Silver Flower

With this edition, two members of the panel shared their stories. Read why Lizelle thinks she's a Dizzy Blonde (we all know she's far from it, right?), here, and my longwinded explanation of Silver Flower here.

The silver selection - the top 3

As I mentioned, there were four entries between which we had difficulty choosing, and so we used the online random pick thingy to make the decision for us. All four were put the box -


and the top three are -


From the top three, of course, we had to select a winner, so we went back for a lucky draw:


...and the winner is....


Now, a little about each, presented in the "pick" order, and saving the winning contribution for last.

Meet Silver Crow

Olga relates a story of always being an outlier (I certainly relate) which, along with her love of birds, explains her choice of name.

The Silver Mama Chef

@artywink's name, too, has its foundation in RL. This photograph of her grandchildren only partly explains the story:

According to her family, she "can make anything out of nothing when it comes to food" and as she tells us, they regularly put that to the test.

Blog of the Week: Meet Silver Jackie O

Did you know that we have a Jackie O among us? Well, we do. @farm-mom's poignant memories of the Kennedy assassination and her fascination with Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis - and then some - is a heartwarming and fun read, especially that she really is Jackie O in real life.


Congratulations - a deserving "random" pick!


What @farm-mom wins

Silver Jackie O wins 50% of rewards on this post so her account has been set as a beneficiary.

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Theme for the week ending 26 July 2021

The theme for the new week

"That one childhood memory that lives with you"

Remember to let your imagination go, and have fun!

If you have topic suggestions, please leave them in the comments? They don't have to include "silver" - themes can be what you will and content creators will make of them what they will.

How to enter your post for the Blog of the Week (#BoW)

  1. Posts must be in English and obviously centre on the week’s topic.
  2. Prose must be a minimum of 350 words. If it’s a photo or graphic essay, the photos must be your original work and preferably with some sort of back-story to the images.
  3. The blog must be posted in/from our community
  4. Tag it #BoW - blog of the week. And follow the tag so you can easily find other entries.
  5. Share the link to your post in the comments of this post.


The contest closes at midnight GMT (also known as UTC) on Monday 26 July 2021 and the winners will be announced later the following week.

The panel
Thanks as always to the panel headed up by @lizelle, with @papilloncharity, @ericvancewalton, @tarazkp and I (@fionasfavourites). We may, from time to time contribute to #bow, but will not be considered for prizes.

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Help to build the Silver Bloggers’ community

We’d like to be able to support our members and grow this community. Help us do this in one of three ways (or all three):

  • add the community account to your fanbase so that you can autovote the Silver Bloggers community account (@hive-106316)
  • with a delegation which you can either do yourself from your wallet, or pick an amount from the table below
  • add @hive106316 as a 5% beneficiary when you post in the community

Come and join our Silver Bloggers community


And, thank you in advance

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