Blog of the Week: New Theme for Tuesday 19 October 2021

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Following the great response to the "later" closing date to the last edition of #bow, we have decided to stick with Tuesdays.

But first -


We have a few big thank yous:

First, to last week's winner: Silver Thumb, who sent her winnings back to the community, so we've added those 10 Hive to the prize pool. Speaking of, thank you also to Silver Beet who has pledged an additional 50HP for the prize pot when it starts running low.

Secondly, and for new delegations to the community account (@hive-106306) that have come from Silver Panda and Silver Beet. This means that as our account grows, so does our capacity to support posts from active members of our community.

Some housekeeping

  • Please follow our community curation trail - another way to support the community and its members. You can sign up here. Again, thanks to Silver Thumb for prompting us to do this and for following up the glitch.
  • Join us for a coffee and a chat in our Discord server which is open to subscribed members only. Again, a special thank you to @macchiata for all her help with this as we navigate our way through more new things. It's not true that you can't teach old dogs new tricks - I'm still learning!

🌻A reminder🌻

For those of you who are regular contributors to the Silver Bloggers Community #bow initiative, and newcomers, too, a reminder that:

  • The winners' announcement is separate from the new theme. If you missed the winning post, you'll find it here.

  • to keep things fair: the same person (account) may not win twice in succession.

    In summary, last edition's winner may enter, but the contribution, like those of the judges' panel, will not be eligible for a prize .

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Theme for the Week closing on Tuesday 19 October 2021

This time, and after an edition (and a patch for so many) that had much pain and loss, this week's theme is a happy one -

My happiest memory

Go through those old photographs and scrap books and take us back to that happy time.

How to enter your post for the Blog of the Week (#BoW) - note the additional criteria

  1. Posts must be in English and obviously centre on the week’s topic.
  2. Prose must be a minimum of 350 words. If it’s a photo or graphic essay, the photos must be your original work and preferably with some sort of back-story to the images.
  3. The blog must be posted in/from our community
  4. The account must be a subscribed Silver Blogger
  5. Use #BoW - blog of the week - as your first tag. And follow the tag so we can all easily find, upvote and comment on other entries.
  6. Share the link to your entry in the comments of this post and in our Discord channel which is open to subscribed members only.

A reminder for everyone:

The community description which you will find here, is a guide to the content that is welcome in the Silver Bloggers' Community. We will encourage folk who post content that doesn't jive, to find an alternative and more comfortable space in which to play.


The contest closes at midnight GMT (also known as UTC) on Tuesday 19 October 2021 and the winners will be announced later the following week.

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The prizes

As usual, the winner gets

  • 50% of the liquid rewards from post announcing the winners. His/her account will be set as a 50% beneficiary
  • 10 Hive sponsored by @lizelle that will sent directly to the account wallet
  • 8 Hive sponsored by the Silver Bloggers Community.

The runners up win, too

Thanks to our founder and Silver-Blonde Lizzie, the runners up will also receive 5 Hive each, and we have allocated another 10 Hive from the community account for the runners up.

All prizes will be sent direct to the winners' wallets.

Would you like to sponsor a prize?

If you would like to sponsor a prize, please comment on this post and tag either @lizelle or @fionasfavourites.

Last words...

We would love to get more eyes on this post and all community posts from - @hive-106316 - our Silver Bloggers account. This is is why we try to make a point of reblogging your posts. Please do the same?


Theme suggestions

If you have topic suggestions, please leave them in the comments?


Themes can be anything you like within the Silver Threads preferred for this community. Content creators will, of course, make of them what they will.

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Come and join our Silver Bloggers communitySilver Bloggers footer banner 600 x 300.jpg

And, thank you in advance

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