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It's that time again: another Blog of the Month.

But first

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March theme:

For many of us, RL seems to be crazy. It's weird to think that three years ago the world was busy chasing toilet paper as so many of us (not so quietly) prepared to go into lockdown. It was a scary time, and nobody knew that it would be 18 months, if not longer, before we began emerging. This month's theme -

March Madness

For many, March Madness is associated with basketball, but for many, it's the madness that comes with the end of one season and the beginning of another. In the UK they talk about March arriving like a lion, and leaving like a lamb. In South Africa, the weather swings between glorious warm days and cold ones that are harbingers of the winter to come.

We want your March madness of yesteryear. Whether they're memories of that mad month that the pandemic was declared or before, it doesn't matter.


To enter

How to enter your post for the Blog of the Month (#BoM) - the criteria remain the same -

  1. Posts must be in English and obviously centre on the week’s theme or topic.
  2. Prose must be a minimum of 350 words. If it’s a photo or graphic essay, the photos must be your original work and preferably with some sort of back-story to the images.
  3. The blog must be posted in/from our community
  4. The account must be a subscribed Silver Blogger
  5. Use #BoM - blog of the month - as your first tag.
  6. Share the link to your entry in the comments of this post.

Consider following the #BoM tag so that you can easily find, upvote, and comment on other contributions.


The updated community description is a guide to content we welcome in the Silver Bloggers' Community. Folk who post content that doesn't jive, will be encouraged to find an alternative and more comfortable space in which to play.


To keep things fair: the same person (account) may not win twice in succession.

In summary, last edition's winner may enter, but the contribution, like those of the judges' panel, will not be eligible for a prize.

Deadlines and prizes

The contest closes at midnight GMT (also known as UTC) on Tuesday 21 March 2023 and the winners will be announced later the following week.

The winner gets

  • 50% of the liquid rewards from the post announcing the winners. His/her account will be set as a 50% beneficiary
  • 10 Hive sponsored by the Silver Bloggers community
  • 10 Hive that @lizelle sponsors

The runners-up win, too

Thanks to our founder Silver-Blonde Lizzie, the runners-up will also receive 5 Hive each, and thanks to our LeoThreads account, @silverlions.leo, the runners-up will each receive 10 LEO tokens.

All prizes will be sent directly to the winners' wallets.

Would you like to sponsor a prize?

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Theme suggestions

If you have topic suggestions, please tag one of the team (@lizelle, @fionasfavourites, @coquicoin, @tengolotodo) and leave them in the comments?


Themes can be anything you like within the Silver Threads preferred for this community. Content creators will, of course, make of them what they will.

Last pressure

If you're a bit like me, and not a herd animal and I don't do well being pressured - by topics or deadlines, that's ok. The #bom and #silverprompts are intended to nudge and inspire. So even if you don't get your post done by the cut-off time, we will still consider it for curation (no prizes, though).

Speaking of curation, if you're inspired by other things, we look forward to reading your posts. We manually curate and recommend good content for support from OCD. The team also regularly picks quality posts and showcases them - read the most recent selection here - and do keep an eye open for the next Silver Prompts Selection which will soon be published.

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