Grandparent stories: Posting contest - 150 hive to win - CONTEST NOW CLOSED

The contest is now closed 01:00 UTC 24th August

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Win a share of one hundred and forty five hive - Three winners to be chosen

Hi folks, I'm running another contest - All you need to do is follow the simple guidelines below to be eligible. Judging will be done by a most legit fellow called @dandays, who's decisions will be final of course. The 150 hive is provided by @meesterboom, @tarazkp, @dandays, @maonx, @dreemsteem and myself, @galenkp and split as below. If you're keen to add to the prize pool let me know in the comments below, your generosity would be welcome.

50% of prize pool for first
30% of prize pool for second
20% of the prize pool for third

Note: The prize pool has now increased from 100 to 150 so there may be a slightly different distribution of the prizes - the 100 hive will still be distributed to 1st, 2nd and 3rd as above though.

Read and follow the entry requirements so you know what to do

Post topic: Grandparent stories

Basically just write about a moment shared with your grandparents or something your learned from them that impacted upon you; advice, wisdom or lessons or maybe tell us what they meant to you and why. It's your choice and your topic to design and create. If you didn't know your grandparents use another older person who impacted upon you.

Follow these simple guidelines for eligibility

✅ Write a minimum of 200 words in English
✅ Entries must be posted in the Silver bloggers community to be eligible
✅ Tag your post #grandparentstories (first tag please)
✅ Original work only - no plagiarising
✅ Use this title as follows: ⬇️

Title example:

Grandparent stories contest entry: @your-username

✅ Contest runs from now to Tuesday 24 August 01:00 UTC
✅ Winners will be announced in a post on my post feed

If you have any questions ask me below in the comments

Silver bloggers community

The contest is to raise awareness and interest for a hive community called Silver bloggers. It's a community where older, and not so old, people can drop their life experiences and thoughts, advice and experiences about various things: Life, travel, leisure, future-planning, crypto, wisdom and so on. All ages are welcome and it's a great place to share and learn at the same time. Take a look at the community page here and subscribe if you haven't already - It's a pretty cool little community.

I look forward to seeing your entries but please read the guidelines above to ensure your entry is eligible as it would be a shame for you to miss out simply by not using the right format. To be fair to all entrants only those meeting the guidelines above will be considered for judging.

Good luck to you all.

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