I have bored you shared umpteen photos of the aloes in our front garden. They're the ones that greet me at the bottom of the stairs each morning, and as I open the curtains in the office. We have three varieties in the garden. One, a tree aloe has not bloomed this year. I suspect that it's been too wet for her, er, them. We have two and I'll tell you about them another time.

The other spectacular plants are in our back garden and where we spend most of our time. In a throw-away comment a while ago, I mentioned to @tengolotodo that they reminded me of triffids. In many ways they fascinate me more than the A ferox plants.

Let me explain.

We spend nearly three months waiting for these aloes to be in full bloom. They're a hybrid and looking at them, I suspect that they're a cross between A. vera and A. arborsecens with a little A. ferox. The candelabra flowers are like the ferox, the spreading habit is the arborescens and the narrow, grey leaves are very vera-like.

The buds emerge from deep within the leaf worls looking like reptilian aliens. Each year, in late April, early May, I can be found peering into the plants. I have mixed feelings when I spy the first buds because they're a sign that winter's just about upon us. I love the flowers. I hate winter.

I watch and the stems lengthen.

They retain their reptilian look.

Still reptilian, this is when they make me think of triffids. Somewhat sinister, reaching for the sun.

Then: beautiful racemes of orange. The sunbirds love them and this, when we can sit on the stoep for lunch - as is our wont, is the view.


Until next time, be well
The Sandbag House
McGregor, South Africa

Photo: Selma
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