Real Rambo Progress

Rambo has made great strides and has staked his claim on a chair in the house. First, on Saturday. And now. Every. Evening. Not only is he using the cat flap to go out, so he "overnights" indoors now. Coming in, is another matter, but we shall persevere. He also seems to be rambling less and has made certain spots in the garden and on the stoep, "his". Neighbours who "know" (but dislike him) haven't seen him for a while - catching the pigeons that eat the chicken feed. They comment on how his condition has improved... Ahem...

The three of them dine together. Rambo's quite portly now, so we're managing the feeding. That said, he's not permanently ravenous like he once was.

We still dare not try picking him up, but he loves being petted and tickled. He rewards with two things: a slap (often clawed) when one stops, the biggest purs and the soppiest expression!

In month six of the Rambo project, we still have a way to go...I am persevering.

PS This is also a late entry (it was planned for Sunday, but I had @lovesniper duties) to @calumam's Word of the Week Challenge after @nickyhavey tagged me. Rambo was to have been the feature but with a "proper" Fiona treatment. That will have to wait until I have mlre time to ruminate on our Rambo journey.

Until next time, be well
The Sandbag House
McGregor, South Africa

Photo: Selma

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