Hello #silverbloggers, today is the day to DREAM BIG.

I have been retired for nearly five years now. Although it took me awhile to adjust to this new lifestyle, I am content, happy and living my dream, in a quiet and peaceful place we call "THE FARM".


Our homestead sits in the mountains of Upstate New York. The property was purchased long ago, with the idea of having a place to share with our children the joy of nature and the simplicity
of being together.

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We spent summers there, building gardens, teaching our kids how to grow food. We also taught them how to respect and appreciate nature. They learned how to swim, catch fish, observe wildlife, enjoy the flowers, the stars and even the weather. Nothing like watching the clouds roll in as the lightening and thunder took over the skies.

As time went on and my boys grew up, my husband taught them the skill of building. They learned how to use tools, what plumb and square meant, how to properly use a tape measure as well as saws, hammers and power tools. Skills, some adults I know wish they were taught. We instilled in them a sense of pride when a task was done properly.

Oh, the memories here on the farm, abundant and sweet.

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On a cold day in February 1990, I sat my three sons down on the couch by the fireplace and announced to them that in November they would have a new brother or sister. At first, they just sat there with blank looks on there faces. Say what? The reaction from my oldest boy who was 12 at the time. "Mom, you said that us three was it for our family". Humm? Well, honey we have a bonus coming our way. Yup, we will be blessed with our "bonus baby". It was then that @thebigsweed announced, it's gonna be a girl. I just laughed at those boys, as they complained 'oh not a girl". Of course my hubby was just joking around, he had no way of knowing it was a girl, back then you discovered the sex of your baby at birth. He also predicted that SHE would be born on his birthday, November 6th, I got him on that one...He was wrong. Our daughter was born at 4:03pm on November 7th, just hours after his BD ENDED. 😲

But I'll be damned, he had been right about having a baby girl and she became the light of my life. I finally had an ally who would stand with me as those guys surrounded us with all that testosterone. hehe

As the years passed, my love of this place grew, and it became the natural choice for us to retire here. HANDS DOWN.

So I have arrived in my dream destination, our place we call

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Hold on folks there's more. Remember I mentioned this was a day to dream BIG. Well I have to say just one more thing.

I want to go to Hawaii. That has always been my DREAM VACATION. I know it's expensive and such a long plane ride but if I could really make a wish that I want to come true, it would be to spend a full month on the Islands of Hawaii.

My parents went there years ago and my mom always said it was the best vacation she had ever been on. So for years and years I thought to myself, I am going there one day. I want sit on one of those exotic beaches at sunset with the man of my dreams.


"Aloha from Hawaii"

"There are six major islands to visit in Hawaii: Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Maui, and the island of Hawaii! Each has its own distinct personality, adventures, activities and sights. We invite you to explore the Islands of Aloha to find your own heavenly Hawaii experiences."







I am a lucky woman, I have had a wonderful life, but please, please, let me get to Hawaii!🤞🤞🤞

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